Back off! Its my muesli!

Get this- So a couple of weeks ago, me and my flatmates got into a huge fight. It started from me asking one of them if they had seen the pineapple I had bought, since it had gone missing from the refrigerator. They replied no and began a hugely unnecessary name calling which apparently arose from our collective apathy towards the cleanliness situation in the flat. While this person totally succeeded in sidetracking the issue, I persisted and found out who the pineapple thief was.

Well, they had the decency to buy me another pineapple, but since then, I have been experiencing another problem. Someone is stealing my muesli! At first I began to suspect it when I would walk into the kitchen and find muesli bits scattered on the counter. What compounds my suspicion is that no-one else has got muesli in their shelves. So either my muesli is doing a toy-story or someone has been manhandling it.

This afternoon, when I went into my kitchen I found myself, staring at bits of my precious coconut muesli hideously  swept under the garbage bag. I went to check my muesli bag, it was closed so securely that my suspicions of it flying out under zero gravity conditions and landing behind the bag were put to rest. I must admit. This is mildly annoying. Has any of you dealt with such a situation before? Let me know what you did and help a sister out! 🙂


P.S. – Apologies for this post being after such a long gap. I promise I will try being more regular!


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