This is not a cooking blog

Once you figure out how are you going to fit cooking in your youtube video watching schedule, it can be quite a pleasant exercise. Some of you like my cooking (there has got to be something wrong with you guys!), so I am writing this to share a cooking hack. If you are a workaholic, this is the right post for you.

The ingredients include some spaghetti, instant mushroom soup mix, salt, oil, water and mushrooms (use quantities by approximation, I trust you are not an idiot!). You can begin by putting the spaghetti to boil in water. Sprinkle a hint of oil and some salt and wait for it to cook. It should take about ten minutes in total. When the spaghetti is close to being cooked, put a pan on heat and sauté the mushrooms in some oil. As the spaghetti is close to cooking, pour the spaghetti along some of the cooking water in the pan and add the instant soup mix. Stir continuously to avoid lumps and let the spaghetti cook in the soup. Go ahead, grate some cheese on top if you are feeling cheesy!

And it turns out something like this:

spaghetti and soup

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