Birthdays are like egg fried rice

The periodic commemoration of the day you began to breath air instead of amniotic fluid. Not many people question the reason behind celebrating birthdays. In the present day culture, birthdays have come to be considered rather celebration-worthy.

Surely, about 200 years ago, people must feel amazed that they managed to survive another year without succumbing to cholera or plague. However, after the advances made in medical science and the resultant increase in life expectancy, for quite a few of us (at least the vigorous birthday celebrating demographic) the more worrying causes have been reduced to dementia induced from facebook overuse or the emotional trauma we went through when the dress we ordered online didn’t quite turn out to be what we had hoped for.

However, the real reason I am averse to the idea is not because I think it is an insignificant occasion. (I  sometimes like to mildly celebrate how good my clothes smell after they have just come out of the dryer or having woken up at 10 instead of 11 in the morning). I am no one to judge what someone’s choice of celebration should be. The only reason it bothers me is when it places upon me an expectation to wish the ‘celebrator’,  especially when they mind if you forget, which is what happens most of the time. This is also a tad pitiful for those of you who manage to remember, courtesy- hoards of messages pouring on the ‘celebrator’s’ wall. Even if once in an eternity that one does manage to remember/ see someone’s wall being painted with birthday messages, there is this roughly  48 hour window  to wish the person after which can be considered acceptable. This 48 hour window can be compared to the duration of time you can keep a plate of egg fried rice in your room before it starts to smell. And if you are anything like me, you will most probably miss it on account of being lazy. Once you have missed the window, you don’t have a choice but to live with the slightly annoying feeling of being aware that you missed it and pray that you do not have to speak to that person ever again. Am I the only one who feels like this?


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